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Sponsorship Opportunities

US SAILING's 2013 Rolex International Women’s Keelboat Championship
Sponsorship Advantages

Sailboat racing is fast-paced and exciting; it is one of the most challenging sports both mentally and physically.  Imagine physical chess, or football but with a field that changes constantly.  Here, we want to answer some of the question you might have about this event and the advantages of sponsorship.

Why support sailing?
Sailors are the people you want to know about your organization.  They are fiercely loyal to companies who support sailing, they are decision-makers and leaders, they are affluent, and they understand the value of your sponsorship.

Through inclusion in the regatta program, your name displayed throughout the event, and exposure at every turn, we help make the most of your support.

What is a keelboat?
Keelboat indicates that this event is sailed in boats of a certain size, with certain structural features. For instance, the America's Cup was raced in keelboats beginning in 1958 until fairly recently.Our event is sailed in smaller boats, 22 feet long to be specific, but all the aspects of yachting’s grandest race are embodied in the boats we will race here.  One women’s Olympic division,  women's match racing is raced in keelboats . Many of the Rolex competitors are Olympic hopefuls or national champions and will use this championship for cross training..

What makes a regatta?
A regatta is simply a series of races.  However, there is a spirit of sportsmanship and tradition that is carried in the word regatta that truly applies to the races sailed here.  Sailors are proud of this tradition, and the Rolex Regatta elicits a fierce loyalty within the sport.  One analogy might be to say that the Kentucky Derby is more than a horse race.

Why a spectator boat?
As a sponsor, inviting your colleagues and clients to join you on the spectator boat is a way to both entertain and highlight your involvement with this prestigious regatta.  Spectator boats will be on the water, near the racecourse, and offer the best vantage for observing the races.  Guests on the spectator boats will experience the excitement of the regatta and the spirit of camaraderie while enjoying a day on the water. 

Who sees the website?
Competitors across the country and internationally, their families and friends, and sailors in the greater Boston area and beyond visit the RIWKC website in the months leading up to the event and, especially, during the regatta.  Here is why:

  • The website is the main mode for information, details and planning.
  • The website features live, mark-by-mark coverage during the event.  Thousands of people across the country spend the week of the regatta in front of this site watching to see how their favorite teams are doing!
  • Photos and results are available after the racing is over on the website, and the traffic is still strong as people go back for more information.

What are the social events and Awards Gala?
Rolex events are known for extraordinary parties and this regatta is no exception.  The social events are more than spectacular they facilitate the spirit of camaraderie that the Rolex International Women’s Keelboat Championship is known for.  There are at least four main social events: an opening ceremony, a semi-casual party, a signature evening party, and the grand Awards Gala hosted by Rolex Watch U.S.A.  As a sponsor, we invite you to be a part of these, invite your colleagues and clients, and have fun with some exceptional women sailors.

We understand that some of this sailboat lingo might be new to you, and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about sailboat racing in general or the Rolex Regatta in particular.  Also, we welcome the opportunity to talk about other ways in which we can make sponsorship work with the specific goals of your organization.

Sponsorship Levels

This highly visible and prestigious regatta provides an excellent sponsorship opportunity for your organization.  Here are just a few reasons why this event is so special:

  • Top competitors, including Olympians and champions, from all over the world with their families and friends will be our guests in Marblehead
  • National and local attention will be focused on this extraordinary event.
  • The strong legacy of supporting women within the sport and encouraging young women to set their goals high is inspiring in all aspects of our community life.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits
We want sponsorship to work for you and your organization as much as it supports the regatta.  Beyond the benefits outlined here, please contact us to explore other ways in which we can collaborate.